It’s common knowledge that doctors carry malpractice insurance in case they get sued. But did you know that registered nurses (R.N.) can also be sued? Like doctors, registered nurses can be hit with a lawsuit at any time for any reason.

Malpractice Insurance for Registered Nurses

While it is true that a nurse’s employer may provide malpractice insurance coverage, it will only cover the nurse up to a certain point. What nurses need to keep in mind, is that the employer’s insurance policy is written to cover the best interests of the employer, not the nurse.

Also, a nurse should assume, unless told otherwise, that other employees at the employer’s facility probably share the same liability limits under the same policy. So if the nurse is named in a lawsuit with other employees, then everyone’s legal fees might exceed the employer's policy Coverage (which is written to protect the employer).

So the benefit of a nurse having their own personal malpractice insurance is that it goes beyond your employer's limits and may even cover pay for time lost from work, lodging, and meals.

It’s important to know that if the employer loses a lawsuit, the employer may turn around and sue the nurse to recover money lost from the lawsuit. It sounds unfair, but that’s the reality of life. Money can turn people against you very quickly.

So why wouldn’t a nurse have his or her own malpractice insurance? Some nurses may have heard that having malpractice insurance would make them an easy target for lawsuits. However, the third party who is suing is not going to know that the nurse has personal malpractice insurance before they file the lawsuit.

One of the most important reasons for nurses to get malpractice insurance is to fight a complaint filed against them with the Board of Nurses (BON). Nurses, without the funds to hire a lawyer, may agree to unfair restrictions on their license.

A nurse should always ask for a malpractice insurance policy that covers license defense and regulatory defense.

Do you carry insurance on your car? If the answer is “yes,” then it makes good sense to have malpractice insurance for your nursing career. Our company can provide you with a selection of affordable insurance plans for you to choose from.

Having your own personal malpractice insurance will provide you with peace of mind should the unthinkable happen to you. Remember, in our ever-growing litigious society, everyone is a target, especially those in the medical profession. The only person looking out for you is you, not your employer or your employer’s insurance company.

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