Builders Risk Insurance Checklist: A Guide to Protecting Your Client’s Construction Project

Are you confident your client has the best coverage for their construction project? The US Assure Builders Risk Plan provides comprehensive course of construction coverage for residential and commercial new construction, remodeling and installation projects of any size and value. With industry expertise, the nation’s leading coverage and a consistent presence in the construction field, US Assure and Zurich are prepared to help you get your client’s next project off the ground.

Review this checklist for your client’s project.

Are you able to answer yes to every question? Some coverages or extensions are specific to the type of project and underwriting guidelines.

Do you have coverage for a completed structure that is not yet sold?

Can you insure the completed unsold dwelling? If so, can you also insure it for more than one year?

Do you have coverage for the interests of your subcontractors while on the construction site?

Are you able to protect your profit by including it in the value of your new construction project?

Is there coverage for theft of building materials that are not yet installed at the job site?

If the buyer provides the builders risk insurance, are coverage limits appropriate to properly protect your property?

Do you have property coverage for the buyer to occupy the home if it is completed prior to closing?

Can you secure property coverage for a trade-in home? unsold dwelling? model home? model home contents? purchaser under contract?

Does your current policy provide Ordinance or Law coverage for new construction at no additional charge?

Are you able to cover both an existing structure and improvements to that structure on a single policy?

Does your policy include standard default limits for the following coverages with the option to purchase higher limits?

Property while in transit: $25,000 default limit or 5% of total completed value

Property at temporary locations: $25,000 default limit or 5% of total completed value

Back up of overflow of sewers, drains and sumps: $25,000 default limit for projects under $5 million, $50,000 for higher valued projects, or 10% of the total completed value

Valuable papers and records: $50,000 default limit or 10% of the total completed value

Debris removal: $50,000 default limit for projects under $5 million; $100,000 for higher valued projects, or 5% of the total completed value

Ordinance or Law: $1 million default limit for new construction projects

Pollutant cleanup and removal: $25,000 default limit for projects under $5 million; $50,000 for higher valued projects

Fire department service charge: $25,000 default limit

 Does your policy offer these optional coverages based on the type of project?

Ability to insure not only materials, labor and overhead, but also reasonable profit

Blanket builders risk/deposit premium (flexible installment plans)

Coverage for “green” or LEED new construction or remodeling projects

Ability to increase coverage for change orders by 10, 20 or 30 percent of the total insured value

Soft costs coverage (interest on construction loans, insurance premiums, advertising and promotional expenses, architect, engineer and consultant fees, legal and accounting fees, fees for licenses and permits, and real estate and property tax assessments)

Business income protection (pays actual loss of business income, including rental income)

Flood coverage

Earthquake coverage

Permission to occupy coverage (with five or more sold units)

Testing of Building Systems coverage

Does your policy offer you the following value-added services?

Builders Risk Loss Control Program

Builders Risk Reward Program

Flexible billing options

Program stability

A-rated carrier

Volume pricing for large builders

24-hour claim reporting

Online claim monitoring tools

When you protect your client’s project with the US Assure Builders Risk Plan insured by Zurich, you can confidently answer yes to every item on this checklist.