Renters Insurance in California

It’s good to have it.

If you are planning to rent an apartment, home, or any other place to live in the Golden State, then it is a smart choice to have renters insurance in California. Renters insurance is not a mandatory obligation required by the law to be upheld by the renter. Then the question, “Why is it a good move to have renters insurance California?”, arises.

The best renters insurance California, like us, will save you from the least possible scenario of a visiting guest injury that happened in your apartment. Moreover, our renters insurance in California is the top choice of Golden State's residents in matters of financial losses. These losses include theft, water backup damage, certain natural disasters and more.

No matter if you're looking for a place in Long Beach, Oakland, Anaheim, or any other spot in the Golden State, we're here for you.

Renters insurance is not just limited to apartments only. One will need a renters insurance in California for:

  • Urban Areas: High-rise apartments and condos in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Suburban Regions: Single-family homes and townhouses in San Jose and Orange County.
  • Rural Locations: Farmhouses and cottages in Napa Valley and Sierra Foothills.

So, it doesn't matter where you live in California, you will want to have renters insurance CA. If you cannot afford premium renters insurance in California take cheap renters insurance California. Buy it to relieve yourself from the tension and stress of something bad happening to you in California like phone snatching or damage by wildfire.

Get Yourself Covered

You also might want to have renters insurance because the landlord’s insurance does not cover much and many do require them. Your landlord's insurance policy will not cover any damage to your belongings, therefore it's in your best interest to secure your own insurance. Therefore, you will be responsible for the cost of replacing your belongings in the event of a fire, accident, or burglary.

What is the Renters Insurance Coverage of e360 Insurance?

In California, the importance of renters insurance cannot be overstated. This vital form of protection offers comprehensive coverage for a wide array of personal belongings, from electronic devices to valuable heirlooms. Additionally, it provides liability coverage for medical or legal expenses that may arise from accidents within your rented property. 

Whether you reside in an urban apartment in San Francisco or a suburban home in Los Angeles, the best renters insurance in California serves as an essential safeguard for your possessions and peace of mind.

California renters insurance typically includes the following coverages:

Personal Belongings

Your belongings are safeguarded no matter where you go in the globe thanks to 'personal property' insurance. With renters insurance, you won't have to worry if a leaking pipe destroys your dining room table or if someone steals your laptop while you're off exploring the world.

Loss of Use

Your 'loss of use' policy can assist you in covering the costs of a temporary residence and other living expenses if your home becomes unlivable due to a covered loss (such as a fire or a storm).

Liability Coverage

If a guest at your apartment party trips and falls, you may be held responsible. Your renter's insurance coverage should protect you in the event that someone is hurt on your property or if someone covered by the policy damages someone else's belongings.

Medical Insurance

Your medical coverage will kick in if your friend requires medical attention as a result of that slip and fall. Renters insurance protects you in the event that a visitor to your property is injured, as well as in the event that you cause bodily harm to someone else. Keep in mind that your renters insurance in California will not pay for medical expenses incurred by you or anyone living in your apartment.

Building Alterations

Covers the cost of repairs or replacements for any covered damages that occur to house expansions, changes, fixtures, upgrades, or installations that you make.

Credit Card Insurance

Covers fraudulent charges on your bank account debit/ATM card and credit cards up to your chosen limit. This includes counterfeit bills and checks as well.

Natural Disasters Are Unprecedented

California is known for its sunny climate and mild winters, but the state has also experienced its fair share of devastating earthquakes and wildfires. Renters insurance in California normally covers damage from fire, rain, and wind, but earthquake damage may necessitate a separate coverage.

Please note that there are different packages to include in your current renters insurance to save you from the unprecedented dangers of earthquakes. We provide additional earthquake insurance at a minimal cost. This earthquake insurance also covers damage to your physical belongings.

More reasons to have renters insurance in California

Theft coverage

Your personal items that are stored in or on any motor vehicle, trailer, or watercraft are afforded a higher level of security with the addition of the theft extension.

Water Backup

Backup water protects you against financial damage that may be incurred as a result of clogged drains or sewers.

Fire or Smoke Damage

The carpet may be replaced by your landlord's insurance, but your belongings would not be. In the event of a fire, smoke, or other disaster, renters insurance can help replace your belongings.


We have designed our cheapest renters insurance in California to be light on the pockets of somebody who is renting the apartment for the first time. Deductible levels can have an effect on the cost of the premium. Choosing higher deductibles will lower the cost of the insurance but it will make you lose your grip on how much you can claim.

Factors determining the renters insurance rates

There are many elements that go into determining your renters insurance rate and thus your premium, but here are some of the most regular ones:


State and postal codes are both included in the location of the rental property.


Your policy's premiums will be determined by the types and levels of protection you select for your possessions and liability.


Your renters insurance price will vary depending on your deductible level.


If you choose other types of insurance, like auto insurance or homeowners insurance, from the same provider then there is a high chance that the premium price will start lowering.

Renters insurance in major California cities typically costs between $14 and $22 per month. How much you pay for renters insurance will eventually depend on how much protection you need.

Why choose E360Insurance?

Acquiring renters insurance can be complicated, time-consuming, and dull. But with e360 Insurance, that is no longer the case.

If your landlord has requested that you increase your insurance coverage or your possessions are worth far more than you initially assumed, get in touch with our customer representative and get it done instantly.

Our smooth and sublime customer service helps us stay at the top and be our competitors' envy. The price depends on various factors but we try hard to play it from your side.

You can protect yourself and your belongings from financial ruin for a lot less than you might imagine by purchasing renters insurance in California from us. Get a renters insurance quotation without spending a dime right now.

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