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Why is Shopping Mall Insurance Important?

Adequate insurance for a shopping center is essential to safeguarding its physical assets, encompassing the building, fixtures, fittings, contents, landscaping, and parking lots. 

This protection shields the center from potential perils such as fire, flood, extreme weather, vandalism, and other costly incidents. These perils could incur repair expenses ranging from thousands to millions of dollars. Fortunately, shopping center insurance can reduce these financial risks effectively.

Moreover, shopping centers face significant exposure under public liability insurance due to the constant influx of substantial foot traffic. Whether the responsibility lies directly with the shopping center for any incident or if the tenant is deemed accountable, legal expenses can arise. This will pose a financial burden on the shopping center.

Another critical area of vulnerability is the potential business interruption and loss of revenue if the shopping center can’t operate. In such cases, tenants might be exempt from paying rent. This will lead to a substantial income loss for the shopping center during repairs or reconstruction.

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What Does Shopping Centre Insurance Cover?

Our shopping center insurance includes a range of critical coverages designed to safeguard the property and mitigate liabilities. Here's a breakdown of our shopping mall insurance coverage:

  1. Commercial Property Insurance: This coverage shields your assets from various perils, including damage caused by smoke, fire, wind, hailstorms, vandalism, and other specified events.
  2. Business Interruption Insurance: In case of an unexpected incident that leads to a loss of rental income, our insurance helps cover ongoing expenses. We facilitate necessary property repairs, enabling you to maintain a steady income stream during downtime.
  3. Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance: Our CGL insurance covers any injuries or property damage sustained by third parties within the shopping mall premises. Whether a slip in a common area or an accident in the parking lot, our policy covers medical expenses and related costs. Also, it will include legal expenses if litigation ensues.
  4. Equipment Breakdown Coverage: This coverage offers protection in case of unforeseen breakdowns of essential machinery and equipment like air conditioners, boilers, computer systems, and alarm systems. It covers repair costs and provides income protection to mitigate any resulting property damage and income loss.
  5. Outdoor Sign Coverage: This coverage will protect outdoor signs from damage caused by vandalism and adverse weather conditions like rain, snow, tornadoes, or even earthquakes. As standard property coverage may not include outdoor signs, having this additional coverage will ensure comprehensive protection for your assets.

Our Special Shopping Center Insurance Services 

Shopping mall owners should consider various insurance policies to protect their businesses from liabilities and risks. Over 60% of shopping centers have experienced an insurance claim in the past five years. Here are some of our special shopping center insurance for shopping mall owners:

1. Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions - E&O)

This insurance is crucial for shopping mall owners. It provides coverage in cases where you are sued for lapses in your professional responsibilities. Some specific situations where professional liability insurance may be necessary include:


  • Wrongful or negligent evictions: If a tenant claims they were evicted unfairly or due to negligence.
  • Discrimination: Protection in case of discrimination lawsuits, such as claims of unfair treatment based on race, gender, disability, or other factors.
  • Failure to fulfill your contractual duties: If you fail to fulfill your contractual obligations, this insurance can cover legal defense costs, settlements, judgments, court costs, and attorney fees.

2. Non-Owned Auto Liability Insurance

If you or your employees use personal vehicles for business purposes (e.g., site visits and errands), you should consider this coverage. It protects your business in case of accidents or liability claims involving these vehicles.

3. Workers' Compensation Insurance

In most cases, businesses with employees must have workers' compensation insurance. When employees are injured or ill at work, this policy covers their medical expenses and lost wages. It protects both you and your employees.

4. Employee Crime and Dishonesty Coverage

This insurance protects your business against theft, fraud, or dishonest acts committed by individuals or groups of employees. It can help cover losses related to employee misconduct.

5. Utility Interruption Coverage

If your shopping mall faces a covered utility interruption, such as water or electrical outages, this coverage provides income protection when your business cannot operate. It helps with expenses and lost income during the downtime.

6. Valuable Papers Coverage

Protects your business by reimbursing costs associated with reproducing damaged documents or providing temporary storage for essential or valuable papers. This coverage can be beneficial if financial statements, bank documents, or critical records are damaged due to covered perils.

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What Affects Shopping Center Insurance Rates?

A 100,000-square-foot shopping center could expect to pay between $75,000 and $100,000 in insurance premiums per year. However, determining the precise cost of shopping center or strip mall insurance can be complex and varies depending on specific factors associated with your business. Several key elements influence the cost of our best shopping center insurance, including:

  • Size of the Shopping Center or Mall: Larger properties typically require more extensive coverage, contributing to higher insurance costs.
  • Types of Policies Required: The specific insurance policies and coverage limits you choose to protect your shopping mall from various risks can significantly impact the overall insurance cost.
  • Number of Employees: The size of your workforce and the associated risks related to employee-related incidents or claims can influence your insurance premiums.
  • Number of Shopping Centers Owned: If you own multiple shopping centers, the scale of your operations can affect the overall insurance cost. Insuring multiple properties may involve different levels of risk assessment and coverage requirements.
  • Location, Crime Rate, and Weather Risks: The geographical location of your shopping mall plays a critical role in determining insurance costs. Higher crime rates in the area or increased exposure to severe weather events can result in elevated premiums to mitigate these risks adequately.

How Does e360 Insurance Shopping Center Insurance Help?

Our e360 shopping center insurance provides valuable assistance to shopping center owners in several ways:

  • Access to a Diverse Panel of Insurers: With access to a broad panel of insurers specializing in shopping centers, e360 Insurance Services can help you explore various insurance options. Also, we’ll help you find the most suitable coverage for your needs.
  • Industry Expertise and Experience: With our extensive experience in the shopping center industry, we offer informed guidance. By doing so, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding your shopping center’s risks.
  • Tailored Insurance Solutions: Our e360 Insurance Services can work with you to customize comprehensive insurance solutions. Our customized solutions safeguard shopping centers from various financial risks, ensuring your business is adequately protected.
  • Support During Claims: In the unfortunate event of a claim, our insurance services act as your primary support and advocate. We offer guidance and assistance throughout the claims process, helping you navigate the complexities to safeguard your financial interests.

To benefit from our expertise and comprehensive insurance services, contact e360 Insurance for a detailed discussion about your insurance needs. Our professional guidance can help you secure the appropriate coverage and ensure you have the necessary support when it matters most.

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