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Commercial Property Insurance

Business property is vulnerable to a countless number of accidents and attacks. From physical damage, such as flooding, to digital property losses, such as computer viruses, business owners should be constantly aware of and protected against the financial harm that could happen at any time to all their hard work.

Business property insurance can provide important financial support when something goes wrong, saving you and your business from property loss.

Business property insurance comes in many different policies to fit your business needs. You can choose to insure only certain parts of your property or all of it. You can choose to cover your property from only a few specific disasters or from all possible disasters. You can choose to insure your building(s) at the replacement cost or the actual cash worth.

Many of these policies can be purchased in "packages." Many buy what is sometimes referred to as the "Businessowners Policy." This includes coverage for the building itself, appliances, contents of the building, and property of others within the building.

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