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Homeowners insurance is a financial safeguard against property damage and injury liabilities. Unlike auto insurance, it is legal to own and use a home without purchasing homeowners insurance. However, in order get a mortgage loan, the buyer will have to purchase homeowners insurance.

Homeowners insurance policies vary on the amount of coverage the insurance owner receives. Standard homeowners insurance policies cover structural damage, loss of personal items, liability, and additional living expenses. Structural damage coverage typically does not cover certain disaster damage. Earthquake and flood insurance are almost always purchased separately. Vandalism, theft, and damage caused by fire, smoke, lightning, and hail are usually included in basic homeowners insurance policies.

In the event of a disaster or theft in which personal items within the insured home become lost, homeowners insurance should include up to 70% compensation for these items. It is best to keep an inventory of such possessions stored safely in a location away from the insured home.

Liability coverage refers to legal compensation for third party bodily injury or property damage incurred on the insured premises. This includes court costs and damage awards. Should an insured homeowner be forced to live elsewhere while their home is repaired or rebuilt, the insurance company will cover hotel bills and certain other expenses. This coverage is usually very limited and should be studied carefully by the insured homeowner.